Shetland Jewellery - B223 Quendale Beast Brooch
The Quendale Beast brooch. Available in three sizes.

From HK$370.43

Shetland Jewellery - B773 Three Nornes Brooch
Three Nornes Brooch. Available in three different sizes.

From HK$370.43

Sheila Fleet - LP06 Dolphin Lapel Pin - Head Shown
These designs reflect both the shape of the dolphins and the waves of their sea home.

From HK$427.97

Shetland Jewellery - B74 Three Nornes Brooch
Three Nornes Brooch - 35mm in length.

From HK$437.00

Ortak - B568 Etive Brooch
Etive captures the shimmering, late sunshine reflections in the Autumnal loch. Time to explore the natural, earthy beauty of the Scottish highlands.

From HK$446.99

Shetland Jewellery - SSB03 Seascape Brooch
Inspired by the Wild seas that surround the Shetland Isles. This brooch is available in two sizes.

From HK$456.03