Breckon Pendant

Breckon Pendant


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This Breckon Pendant in luxurious 18ct yellow gold features a continuous wave design, beautifully highlighted in enamel.

This collection was designed by Sheila in 2008 for Roy Leask, Lerwick’s Guizer Jarl at Shetland’s world-famous fire festival, Up Helly Aa. Each year the Jarl portrays a Viking character from the sagas, and usually with some kind of link to their own family. With Roy’s daughter living in Orkney, he chose to be Kol Kalison who supervised the building of St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, Orkney’s main town.

Sheila designed the piece to reflect the detail on the Up Helly Aa squad’s outfit, which was inspired by the wave design on a carved circular stone in St Magnus Chapel.

Product Specifications

Product size 16mm x 16mm

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