Brodgar Eye Bangle
Brodgar Eye Bangle

Brodgar Eye Bangle


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  • Misty Blue

This sterling silver Brodgar Eye bangle features two circular ring carvings on either end of an elegant silver bangle, allowing the design to sit delicately on either side of your wrist. This torque bangle is hand-enamelled in Misty in our workshop in Orkney.

This contemporary collection was inspired by Neolithic cup-and-ring rock carvings found at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney. Lying between the great ceremonial stone circles of Brodgar and Stenness, the Ness has revealed more decorated stones than any other Neolithic excavation.

Sheila has imitated the stone texture of the cup-and-ring carvings through a technique known as reticulation. The design is then hand-enamelled to simulate rain gathering in the carved stone.

Product Specifications

Product size 18mm x 18mm (each Brodgar Eye)

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