Lunar Bangle
Lunar Bangle
Lunar Bangle
Lunar Bangle
Lunar Bangle

Lunar Bangle


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  • Hot Pink
  • Spring Green
  • Tropical
  • Lichen
  • Lunar Blue

This sterling silver Lunar torque bangle features two cup-mark designs, each measuring approximately 13mm x 13mm, and hand-enamelled in 'Lunar Blue' enamel in our workshop in Orkney.

Thousands of years ago at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney, people carved hollows or cup-marks of various sizes in rough rock, perhaps to signify an event or to follow the passage of time as the moon waxed and waned. Sheila first sketched the idea behind this collection in 2012 while visiting the Orkney Museum in Kirkwall, where some of these carvings can be seen. Sheila’s designs are textured like the surface of rock and enamelled in a variety of colours.

Product Specifications

Product size Each 'Lunar Circle' : 13mm x 13mm

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