Element Earrings
Element Earrings
Element Earrings

Element Earrings


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  • Mangrove
  • Oasis
  • Waterfall
Elementally Ortak, Air, Fire, Earth and Water make up the 4 elements and within each we offer a further 3 colourways for you to select from. Each element also relates to a sign of the Zodiac so take a look and see what element you are!
Welcome to 'Elementally' these drop earrings are crafted in sterling silver and have the 'Water' pattern engraved under the rippling colourings of 'Mangrove', 'Oasis' and 'Waterfall' . Cancerians, Scorpians and Pisceans are all members of the Water element

Product Specifications

Product size 10mm x 19mm

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