Honeybee Pendant

Honeybee Pendant


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This sterling silver pendant features a large, textured, hexagon design, enclosing a solid 9ct yellow gold honeybee. The hexagon measures approximately 24mm wide and hangs elegantly from a sterling silver wheat chain.

The contemporary Honeybee collection is a fusion of natural and geometric forms offering a range of easy-to-wear, collectible, mixed-metal designs. Reflecting on her time as a 60s girl, Sheila revisited the vintage styles to create long, silver, chain-linked necklaces; bold, hexagonal bangles adorned with 9ct gold bees; and stylish hexagonal-shaped rings, which look great stacked or worn as thumb rings. Within the collection are designs set with hexagonal citrine gemstones, and hand-enamelled pieces in rich, honey-coloured enamel.

Product Specifications

Product size 11mm approx.

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